As summer in Tahoe comes to an end and the pine needles start to fall, everyone seems to take a much needed deep breath. Now is a great time to unwind from all the fun activities that the warmth and the sunshine have to offer. However, if you are anything like me, you can only handle so much downtime. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the household details that often get overlooked when life gets busy. Oftentimes, it seems as though the house is clean and organized, but is it really? Here are a few helpful ideas on what to do when you get the motivation to start your household chores:

- Clean behind and around the washer/ dryer

- Clean the entire interior of the refrigerator/ freezer

- Wipe Baseboards

- Empty and clean the inside and outside of all kitchen drawers and cabinets

- Throw out all expired food that you thought one day you would actually use

- Clean the tracks of all windows and sliding glass doors

- Change the air filter in the house and wash the grate

- Spot Clean walls (a magic eraser works great!)

- Clean out your closets and dressers (I know, ugh!)

- Dust Blinds

- Flip Mattresses and wash mattress pads, duvet covers, etc.

- Vacuum behind all beds and headboards

- Wipe all interior and exterior doors

- Take off light fixture covers and clean out the bugs, dust, etc. (If you live in Tahoe, it's all there!)


I hope these ideas help. I wouldn't call any of it "fun" but once it's all done.... Then you can REALLY relax!


Please keep us in mind should you choose to pass the chores along....


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